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Our expertise in design, study and execution of refrigeration and air-conditioning installations enables us to offer innovative solutions, answering your questions and needs on the energy and environmental concerns.


  • We offer you customized solutions for all fluids: NH3, CO2, A2L, brine...

  • We select the products and solutions best suited to your needs and have established strong partnerships with the main suppliers of selected equipments, for their quality and responsiveness.

  • We have close connections with specialized regional companies which share our high standards of quality and reinforce our teams to carry out the large-scale projects.


  • Preventive maintenance visits according to defined maintenance task lists

  • Curative maintenance with fast intervention following a customer call

  • 24/7 call center subscription

  • Our Remote Assistance Service, during night and week-end on-call periods

  • Complete reporting on the status and progress of our services

  • Ensure regular training of our technicians

  • Ensure the application of health and safety instructions in all circumstances​

Each technician is equipped with a 4G connected tablet enabling:


  • To enter  intervention reports, leak testing certificates

  • To share data with the Technical Support and plan interventions in real-time (reactivity, resource allocation)

  • To access to the interventional site with detailed information (event history)

Immediate benefits for the owner of the installation:

  • Receipt of intervention reports and maintenance contracts in real time

  • History of interventions on site and data specific to his site (plans, PPSPS, ...)

  • Increased efficiency in the diagnosis and advice provided

  • Reporting on the equipment and the site (history of events, fluid movements, etc.)

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