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SYCLEF finalized the acquisition of GEA REFRIGERATION FRANCE

Syclef finalized the acquisition of GEA Réfrigération France on Monday 28 February. This division of the GEA group, which specializes in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems in industrial sectors, joins the Syclef group, consolidating its position as a leading specialist in the refrigeration and air-conditioning markets.

With immediate effect, this company is taking on the historic name of Matal, with the aim of redeveloping its position on the French market by drawing on the support structures and commercial synergies of the Syclef group.

We will invest the technical and human resources to achieve this, and we will continue to be supported by GEA Réfrigération Technologies as part of a close partnership to continue to serve our customers and offer all its products.

Personally and on behalf of Syclef, I am delighted to welcome all the Matal employees. Although Syclef's head office is located in Rousset, near Aix-en-Provence, Nantes will remain a nerve centre.

This integration will mark an important stage in our development, bringing very strong commercial and technical synergies and a real dynamic in all segments of refrigeration to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Our atypical model, based on the reactivity and commitment of highly autonomous companies motivated by customer satisfaction, the assistance of support functions focused on operations, the search for technical solutions geared towards energy savings and respect for the environment, combined with our ongoing investment in the training and development of our employees, explains our rapid and structured development.

These strengths will enable us to continue our growth in France through new equity investments, and with the prospect of soon crossing our borders.




Founded in 2003, Syclef is one of the French leaders in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems. The group specializes in medium and large-scale refrigeration systems for industrial refrigeration (logistics platforms, storage warehouses, food processing, etc.), commercial refrigeration (supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.) and air conditioning. The Group is positioning as a major player in the energy transition through the use of innovative, "eco-responsible" technologies such as natural refrigerants.

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